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Happily Ever After: A Service Dog Success Story

My last post discussed important things to consider before getting a service dog for your anxious child. I love a good dog story and happy endings. This post has both.  Enjoy. Autism and Anxiety Justin Daigle was diagnosed with autism at age 3 and…

February 1, 2017

How an Occupational Therapist Can Help Your Anxious Child

What is Occupational Therapy? Occupational therapists often visited my special education classroom throughout the school day. It wasn’t until I interviewed an occupational therapist, for an article on weighted blankets, that I learned the benefits occupational therapy offers an anxious child. I shared my lack…

January 31, 2017

How Weighted Blankets Calm Children and Help them Sleep Better

Charles Shultz was definitely on to something when he created Linus VanPelt’s iconic baby blue blanket.  While he primarily uses it for security, Linus transforms his blanket into a shepherd’s headdress, a scarf, a sport coat and the covering for the base of a…

January 16, 2017