Welcome to Comforting Anxious Children, a site dedicated to helping children with anxiety.

Many children struggle with anxiety: children with anxiety disorders, children with other diagnoses, like autism spectrum disorders, which have comorbidity with anxiety disorders, and children who, like all of us, are anxious every now and then.

Anxiety in children is more prevalent than you might think.

In fact, according to a study in Pediatrics, a journal published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disability facing young children. Approximately 50% children who are diagnosed with anxiety disorder have experienced the onset of anxiety symptoms by the time they are six years old.1

Anxiety is like a thief: it robs children of joy, comfort and peace.  Anxiety steals children’s abilities to concentrate, makes them angry and irritable, reduces their success in school and impairs their social interactions.  If anxiety isn’t addressed, it can have lasting, life-changing consequences.

Help and hope are just clicks away.  On the following pages you’ll find:

  • articles on research-based practices
  • alternative therapies
  • strategies to calm and comfort
  • recommended books and products
  • innovative ideas shared by parents, teachers and professionals.

The Blog contains articles and resources to comfort children and help them bring peace and calm into their lives.  You’ll read interviews with experts in a variety of fields, find book and product reviews and be inspired by stories of hope and healing.

Learn more about me and why I started this website on the Meet Jan tab.

The Resources We Love section, coming in 2017, will feature a growing list of books and products that professionals, my readers and I have found to help comfort anxious children.

Settle into your favorite chair, sip a cup of tea with a touch of honey, and join a caring community sharing calm and inspiration. This is meant to be a peaceful place in cyberspace.

Here’s hoping you find Peace for Children Mind, Body and Spirit.


1 Merikangas K. R., He, J. P., Brody, D., Fisher, P. W., Bourdon, K., & Koretz, D. S. (2010). Prevalence and treatment of mental disorders among US children in the 2001–2004 NHANES. Pediatrics, 125, 75–81. doi: 10.1542/peds.2008-2598

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